7 Secrets To Finally Pivot Into Business & Entrepreneurship

Are you a busy health professional that wants to launch a business, but something’s holding you back? A problem you’ve seen at work, or most likely your personal lived experience as a patient or carer, has inspired you to create a solution to help people at scale.

I’m Behrooz, a public health physician with 25 years of international experience, and I used to feel the same way. Despite 10 years of contemplation, I never took action because I didn’t have the business or tech knowledge, and even hated sales. Frankly, I felt I didn't have the time either.

I put everything I’d been learning over the past 25 years to create The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, where I help busy health professionals who feel the same way. I found a nice, safer way that doesn’t depend on investors, complicated tech, or a huge team. I feel that freedom now to pursue what I love doing at work and feel fulfilled that I'm helping people. I also have that freedom to enjoy my life outside of work. I can pick up my son from school, enjoy time with my family, and do all the things that matter to me beyond being a doctor.

I’d love to share the 7 SECRETS that have moved the needle for me, which I'm 100% confident will be of value to you too.

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