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You and I are both after the same thing, better health & wellbeing, tackling the complex problems we face, such as COVID-19, cancer, chronic diseases, and climate change.

We’re always on the look out for creative ways of addressing these issues, and for me, that needs innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship across ALL sectors. The majority of our health, perhaps 90%, is actually determined by factors outside the healthcare sector. This includes the homes and cities we live in, our transport systems, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, our education, occupation, social network, and so much more. Sectors contributing to health include business, marketing, law, architecture, engineering, urban planning, education, journalism, telecommunications, and science.  

That's where YOU come in, the Entrepreneur from all professional backgrounds, whether in healthcare or not. Just think, even if you work outside of healthcare, you have the power to potentially influence 90% of health!

As The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I specialise in supporting you to translate your unique knowledge, skills, experience, and mindset, into innovative solutions that promote health and wellbeing. I do that by prescribing a dose of Startup Therapy, empowering you to self-assess, diagnose, treat, and better yet, prevent issues facing your health startup or business.

I'm Behrooz, a Harvard, Oxford, CDC and NHS trained specialist in preventive medicine / public health, with over 20 years of international experience across direct patient care, wider public health service, policy, industry, media, research, education and training. I've supported and mentored entrepreneurs from all backgrounds to enter, navigate, and influence the health sector.

While the future of health and care may be digital and enabled by health-tech, most entrepreneurs are merely focusing on the symptoms affecting healthcare. I can help you dive deeper to tackle the underlying causes affecting health and wellbeing, highlighting strategies and opportunities for real impact. 

Optimal solutions are value-based, preventive alongside therapeutic, designed and delivered with the wider system, care pathway, life-course and wider determinants in mind. 

Most importantly, successful startups have the health and wellbeing of the founders and team at their core.

If there is anything I can do to help you, I'm an email away: [email protected]

Keep thriving,

- Dr Behrooz Behbod, MB ChB MSc ScD FFPH


Georgina (Acworth) Kyriakoudes

CEO at Dcentric.Health and Co-Creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App

"It is not often that you meet someone in the medical field who has such an impressive medical and professional background as Behrooz, and is also so innovative and open-minded. He is always a pleasure to work with providing exceptional advice in a kind and clear manner. A truly genuine character who always goes above and beyond and never stops giving value."

Daragh Donohoe

Co-founder at SPRYT

"Behrooz has been instrumental in helping us shape our product, from original concept to an intelligent scheduling assistant focused on healthcare. His insight has directly led to our focus on solving the costly DNA (Does Not Attend) problem that afflicts medical systems and businesses. Entrepreneurs with ambitious plans should connect with Behrooz to guide them on their startup journey."

Alexander Bridgen

Associate at Fountech Ventures & Co-founder at Chironics.ai

"It cannot be overstated how essential working with Behrooz has been in bridging the gap between the first seed of an idea and the viable health/edtech proposition Chironics is shaping into. He provides invaluable insights and guidance, breaking complex challenges down into actionable, bitesize pieces that can be made sense of, even without a healthcare background of any sort. Not only that, but he is genuinely a fantastic person to work with, and I am extremely grateful to have him on the team at Chironics."

Michael Anyfantakis

Pet Loss Advisor at The Pet Bereavement Vet

"Behrooz's guidance has been invaluable since the early days of my journey. He taught me how to ask the right questions whilst providing me with the right resources to answer them. He encouraged me to think outside the box, and to embrace my creativity in order to achieve my goals and remain focused on my vision. Kind, supportive, resourceful; a true professional with an impressive background and education. His services are highly recommended to all entrepreneurs involved in healthcare."


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