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The Entrepreneur’s Doctor 90-Day Challenge [Days 0 - 4]


We all care about our health & wellness. COVID-19 has shown us how fragile life can be.

The pandemic has particularly affected the 582 million global Entrepreneurs (and even more Intrapreneurs).

As creative leaders, Entrepreneurs add so much value in generating jobs, contributing to the economy, tackling issues in the education, environment, energy, food, agriculture, and transport sectors. All roads lead to public health & wellbeing.

Many Entrepreneurs struggle behind the scenes with their physical and mental health. Meanwhile, some feel the urge to pivot and tackle the problems they’ve seen in healthcare.

Over the next 90 days, I’m sharing my journey with a return to health following a really bad year. Along the way, I’ll be sharing insights into the world of health & entrepreneurship.


Day 0: Feeling nervous… what have I let myself in for?!


Day 1: My fears & mission


Day 2: Mental health & burnout


Day 3: Why do I care about Entrepreneurs?


Day 4: How to bend time with 3 simple steps


As friends & colleagues, I’ll appreciate your support and feedback. Let me know if you’d like any topics covered.

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