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Democratising Health Entrepreneurship


I’m beyond ecstatic to announce something I’ve been waiting to share for some time, something to democratise health entrepreneurship… keep reading to learn more.

Just under a year ago, I felt there was a need to promote the public health, preventive, intersectoral, and lifecourse perspective in health innovation & entrepreneurship. Startups and scaleups often focus on healthcare and miss the opportunity to impact the real drivers of health and wellbeing.

Having been inspired by changemakers looking to solve problems in health and care, I decided to pursue my vision of helping Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs create a healthier, happier world through their ventures.

That’s why I launched The Entrepreneur’s Doctor in 2020. Over the months, I’ve been meeting with many of you, hearing your challenges, but also assessing what you truly need. I’ve learned so much from you, meeting some of you at incubators, accelerators, hackathon events, and universities. I’ve been so lucky to connect more closely with those of you who’ve been my special guests on The Entrepreneur’s Doctor podcast.

Smart early-stage startups are practising the Lean Startup strategy, spending all their bootstrapped resources on product/service development, ensuring problem-solution fit and problem-market fit. I hope you remember to also optimise for venture-entrepreneur fit (something I never hear any business experts speak about). For you, I’ve created free and affordable resources, such as my checklist, online course, and the Intelligence Incubator.

This week, I published my first book. For those who purchase the eBook on Amazon, all proceeds (after Amazon’s cut) will be donated to cancer charities (in memory of my father and the many family & friends who’ve been affected). If you know of any worthy charities, please let me know. I’ll also be very grateful if you would share this link with anyone you feel would value it… and if you like what you read, please consider giving the book a rating and review on Amazon.

For seed and series funded startups / scaleups, I recently launched a new Chief Medical Officer (CMO) service. I love this side of my work, but sadly I can only work with a few ventures.

Entrepreneurship is definitely something that you need to simply take action and learn by rolling up your sleeves. However, it is always helpful to have great mentors, while learning the tools and strategies that are taught in business schools, but sadly only available to those who can afford the expensive tuition fees or the 12–24 months of studies. That’s why I’d love for you to join me at ThePowerMBA, which includes lessons from the creator of The Lean Startup himself, Eric Ries, as well as case studies with the founders of Netflix, YouTube, Tesla, AirBnB, Whole Foods Market, Zuckerberg Media, Angry Birds, BrewDog, Cirque du Soleil, and more. It genuinely is the first real alternative to an MBA for experienced professionals.


Now to the moment I’ve been eagerly waiting to share.


I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the world’s first accelerator with a mission to democratise Health Entrepreneurship.


The Startup Therapy Accelerator is truly unique:

  • Free to join (lose no equity)
  • Lifelong membership (not time-limited cohorts)
  • All welcome (no selection process)
  • Global access (not limited to a region or country)
  • 24/7 online community
  • Live weekly virtual office hours (Mondays, 17:00–17:30 London time)
  • For all business types (startups, scaleups, small and medium-sized enterprises, solopreneurs)
  • Build your team (connect with potential co-founders & C-suite, post jobs at no charge or commission)
  • For all consultants (post your products & services tailored to health entrepreneurs, at no charge or commission; patient & carer representatives, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, health coaches, dietitians, physiotherapists, psychologists, scientists, and other health professionals, business coaches, branding, marketing, legal, intellectual property, ethics, regulatory, information governance, UX/UI, accounting, finance, technical, etc…)
  • For all organisations (offer settings for pilots and partnerships; health and care, academia, charities, NGOs, government, pharmaceutical, biotech, and other industry)
  • For investors & venture builders (connect with health entrepreneurs)
  • For incubators & accelerators (recruit startups)
  • For events (promote your conference, seminar, webinar, etc… at no charge)


We simply have 7 Golden Rules, the most important of which are:

1. Practise the growth mindset

2. Be creative — think big & outside the box

3. Have fun — the source of the best ideas

4. Think all things health (remember, 90% is outside healthcare)


Hope to see you very soon within the Startup Therapy Accelerator. It is brand new, so the early adopters will have a lot of influence in shaping how it is developed.

Do please share with anyone who may find this of value, Entrepreneur, Investor, Consultant, Organisation, Incubator, or Accelerator alike.


Keep thriving!

- Behrooz


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