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Can Blockchain Disrupt The Health Sector?


I interview Georgina (Acworth) Kyriakoudes, CEO at Dcentric.Health and Co-Creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App


00:00 My 2 questions

01:04 Next Health Innovator?

01:24 Free health course

02:20 Why blockchain?

05:50 Aria, the name

06:40 The problem

10:05 The solution

11:03 Difference from existing electronic medical records

13:28 Aria app demo

15:40 Patient's perspective

17:57 What is blockchain?

20:07 Is blockchain living up to its hype?

23:03 Market research

27:10 Artificial intelligence & blockchain

28:38 COVID-19 & disasters

30:55 Team Aria

33:37 5-year vision

35:18 Work-life balance for Entrepreneurs

41:45 Meditation & mindset shift

43:10 How to learn more

45:00 Message for Entrepreneurs


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