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How To Become A Medicolegal Consultant [ft. Dr Armin Feldman]

Physicians love their work, I surely do. Two strategies that have helped me improve the quality of my work, aside from experience and ongoing education, have been through teaching and medicolegal consulting.

Meanwhile, some physicians also feel the urge to look for alternative careers. Medicolegal consulting may be the option that meets your needs. 

Today I’m joined by Dr Armin Feldman, M.D., Medical/Legal Consultant and physician coach. For the past 13 years, Dr. Feldman has provided Pre-Trial/Pre-Litigation medical consulting to our legal system. 

Dr. Feldman is the creator of this new sub-specialty of forensic medicine, and any physician in any specialty can learn to do. 

If this sounds like you, Dr Feldman is running a 2-day training conference on April 24–25, 2021 (8th Annual Medical/Legal Consulting Conference). Just FYI, I have no financial incentives, and have not personally attended this conference, but my interview with Dr Feldman may answer some of your questions.

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