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This is for you if you're a Health Professional turned Entrepreneur, interested in learning more about the role of blockchain technology across the health sector.

If this is your first time here, welcome!

As The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I help health coaches, consultants, clinic owners, and start-up founders grow their business and scale their impact, while working less, so they have the freedom to do what they love beyond work too.

If this sounds like you, I have created a few resources that I'm sure you'll find helpful:

As Health Professionals, everything we do demands multiple sources of reliable knowledge and intelligence.

Whether we're trying to keep healthy people healthy, help the healthcare system diagnose and treat patients efficiently, or improve population health during a pandemic, major incident, or generally through health promotion campaigns, we always need access to timely, trusted information.

Although that information is helpful in supporting the decisions that we make, it is vital that we take action and evaluate the impact of our actions so that we can actually improve the quality, safety and value of everything that we do on an ongoing basis.

Big data comes from a huge range of sources. We need to make use of all of that intelligence in a structured and organised way. However, we need to bring all of that together into a single source of truth that offers valid and accurate information that is accessible to all who need it in a timely way, while maintaining confidentiality.

This also serves as a foundation for better artificial intelligence, and potentially other technologies in the future. 

In this special episode, Georgina Kyriakoudes returns to the show to lead a panel discussion with fellow leaders in the field of blockchain and health. Georgina is CEO at Dcentric Health, and co-creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App.

Joining her:

You may learn more from each of our speakers here:

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