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Bongos & Business?!


Have you ever experienced that state of creative flow where it feels like time stands still and your work is effortless?


It’s one of the most magical places to be. Although I’m sure many entrepreneurs have experienced this feeling, I recently witnessed it in a very unexpected place.


My son started playing his new bongo drums. At first he said he didn't know how to play and his hands were just kind of flailing around on the drums. So, I suggested he let go and let the rhythm flow through him and into his hands... and wow, what happened next!


As soon as my son let himself go into that state of flow, it was like something awakened inside him. His arms started moving with a grace and certainty that were almost beyond belief. I wish I had recorded him because it was truly remarkable to witness his transformation from a state of confusion to a place of total confidence in just seconds.


This experience reminded me how powerful flow can be, both personally and professionally. When we allow ourselves to tap into that creative energy, our work becomes effortless and we can achieve far more than we ever thought possible. We become so immersed in the task at hand that everything else fades away until eventually there is just us, our work, and the moment in time we are living in right now.


Some believe this is why certain people are able to achieve greatness while others remain stuck. It's also why some entrepreneurs seem to effortlessly create amazing results while others struggle for months or years without making any progress at all; they may not be aware of how to unlock their own creative potential within the power of flow.


The power of creativity is within us all; all we need to do is find out how to access it on demand so that we can enjoy its benefits every day in business (and life!).


The next time you feel stuck or overwhelmed by an obstacle you face in your business or life, remember my son’s experience with the bongo drums. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to go with the flow!


You never know what amazing things could happen if you simply trust yourself enough to let go...


Keep thriving,

Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor


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