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On The Brink Of Change?


Have you ever been on the brink of change?


I’ve been there several times across my career, business, health, and relationships.


We may feel anxious, uncertain, and overwhelmed. For me at least, the key to navigating these moments has been to find clarity and trust myself.


How about you?


Three reflections for the next time we go through change:


1. Understanding our thoughts.

It’s important to recognise our thoughts for what they are; just thoughts. They aren’t necessarily true or false; they’re just ideas we have about the situation at hand.

We need to be able to take a step back and observe our thoughts without judgment in order to gain clarity and make decisions that are right for us.

Try writing down your thoughts as soon as you have them so that you can examine them more closely without being clouded by emotion.


2. Having patience. 

Once we understand our thoughts, it is important to practice patience with ourselves as we wait for clarity.

While it might seem like the answers will never come, trust that they will… but only if we give ourselves the time and space necessary to process what's going on inside of us first.

During this time, stay present in your body while avoiding self-judgment or pushing yourself too hard. Remember that taking care of yourself is the best way to let truth rise up from within you when it's ready to be seen and heard.


3. Making decisions from clarity. 

There may still be some uncertainty, but when your gut tells you something is right for you, I have faith in my intuition. How about you?

As visionary change-makers, having clarity during times of transition is essential for making decisions that align with our goals and values while also caring for ourselves in the process.


I’d love to hear your reflections too.


Keep thriving,

Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor


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