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CrossFit: The Elon Musk of Fitness?


Coach Nikos introduces the benefits of CrossFit, Les Mills & boutique gyms for all Entrepreneurs. Coach Nikos is Founder & CEO of Personal Experience in Greece.

00:00 My two questions

00:54 Free health course

01:49 Coach Nikos

03:52 Pivoting into health & fitness

08:00 Starting your own fitness business

11:22 Impact of COVID-19

15:04 Boutique vs large gyms

17:00 Minimum Viable Workout

20:32 Top workouts

21:03 CrossFit vs Les Mills

23:41 CrossFit - The Personal Experience

24:23 Brain & mental health benefits

25:13 The Elon Musk of Fitness

27:33 Benefits for Entrepreneurs

29:25 CrossFit skills

30:26 Virtuosity

32:23 A typical CrossFit session

34:05 The medical gym

35:19 Tour of the CrossFit Box

38:50 Mat Fraser & Tia-Clair Toomey

43:14 The 2mm difference!

44:03 Coach Nikos' routine

47:21 Vision for Personal Experience

50:05 Cash injection!

50:45 Marketing

52:40 Seth Godin

54:10 Contact Coach Nikos


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