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Christopher Krietchman - The Next Mayor of New York City?


On this pivotal day (Jan 7, 2021) in US politics, I have the pleasure of speaking with Christopher Krietchman, health & wellness entrepreneur, advisor to Firefly Innovations at the CUNY Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy, and candidate for the next Mayor of New York City.


A message from Christopher Krietchman:

"I need your support today and believe I can count on you. I am requesting your support in a PERSONAL donation to:


The maximum is $2,000 per individual and the least needed is $250. The Campaign Finance Board matches to a maximum donation of $250 - $8 to every $1 donated.

Please show up for me now so I can serve my fellow New Yorkers because we need compassion for NYers now more than ever.

Once you have done so please contact Rose, the Treasurer, for filing paperwork at [email protected] to also confirm the transaction.

Thank you deeply,

Christopher Krietchman


Email: [email protected]



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