The Founder’s Dream | An Open Letter To Fellow Health Professionals

As a Health Professional, you’ll know the hard work you put in to being where you are today. Just look back to the sacrifices, sleepless nights studying for exams, applying for jobs, going for interviews… but you made it.

No one can take away that sense of joy, or the fulfilment that comes with knowing you now have an opportunity to serve and help create a healthier, happier world.

That’s precisely the same feeling that Founders have when their baby is born (keep reading for a special announcement).

Ever since my personal burnout just over 2 years ago, I’ve been on a mission to help give purpose-driven Health Professionals the ability to take back control and regain the freedom and time that we have been craving. Sure, we love our work, and continue to serve with pride, but there’s no one that can look after us other than us.

At first I designed The Entrepreneur’s Doctor in a way to allow me to test my ideas and see if it was truly possible to create a scalable business model using what I already know; a business that doesn’t depend on external investors, an outsourced tech team, or a huge investment of time and resources to get the product off the ground.

So I did just that…

I used my 25+ years of international experience in health, education, and business to help Entrepreneurs without healthcare expertise to enter and navigate the system. With the challenges we face in global health, we desperately need fresh ideas from all sectors. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this experience, having served as:

  • Start-up advisor & strategic Chief Medical Officer (SPRYT).
  • Mentor at accelerators (GE Healthcare Wayra EDISON Accelerator, Founder Institute, CUNY Firefly Public Health Innovation Accelerator, MIT Solve).
  • Speaker at events (e.g., InnovatorMD coming up again this summer).
  • Live class host as part of a 6-month pilot at ThePower Business School.
  • Guest on podcasts (e.g., A Shot of Digital Health Therapy with Eugene Borukhovich & Jim Joyce, Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli, DZRPTRS with Dr Joel Brown, and so many more).
  • CEO of a health start-up that I was invited to participate in by Fountech Ventures.
  • …. and my favourite part, host of my own podcast at Tribe Talks. In its 2nd year, with a global audience across all continents, I’m now approached by agencies representing speakers. You too are welcome to be my guest, in 2 simple steps:
  1. Complete the short speaker application form HERE.
  2. Take the free training to best prepare for your Tribe Talk: Sixty Second Signature Pitch

I’m often approached by friends and colleagues who are also busy serving as Health Professionals, asking how they too can reduce their work hours, while making a greater impact. They too share the same desire to spend time with their loved ones. Just today for example, I’ve been called in to spend an hour at my son’s school… how could I say no? If it were not for my business, I wouldn’t have had this freedom.

So I decided to create something brand new to help fellow Health Professionals to turn their existing assets into a scalable business.

Learn all about TRIFECTA at

Keep thriving :)


The Entrepreneur’s Doctor


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