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Branding for Health Entrepreneurs [ft. Sharlene Lopez, Google Launchpad Mentor]

There are a few things I advise all Entrepreneurs to establish by design, right from the start of your journey into building your health startup or business:

  1. Your personal health & wellbeing
  2. An ongoing evaluation framework
  3. Branding

These are just the start… with so many startups or businesses failing, often due to poor product-market fit or lack of investment and adoption, Entrepreneurs just need a healthy dose of Startup Therapy.

This week I’m joined by Sharlene Lopez, who highlights the need for early brand development & marketing for all health tech startups. 

Sharlene is a health tech ambassador and founder of Eye Catcher, a multi-award winning branding agency for health tech’s most free-thinking people. Eye Catcher uses their curiosity to see around corners and their deep expertise to help health tech businesses carve their own path and build brands that change lives. 

Sharlene is a Brand and Communications Advisory Partner to PWC Scale Health, Google For Startups, NHS Innovation Accelerator, Imperial College London MedTech Accelerator, DigitalHealth.London and Five One Labs.

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