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Intersection of Healthcare & Social Justice | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Faizan Tirmizi

Inspired by problems he had seen in his home country of Pakistan, my guest today felt inspired to empower and mobilise communities to improve healthcare in rural settings.

Faizan Tirmizi is a Teacher Trainer and a Public Health Practitioner. He has co-founded two social enterprises:

  • Saving 9, which specializes in building capacity for rural communities in pre-hospital emergency response in Pakistan. He has spearheaded various projects in public health, mental health and emergency response that have been sponsored by institutions such as Harvard University, Columbia University and United States Institute of Peace.
  • Social Medicine Initiative (SMI) provides consultations and designs interventions for development & healthcare professionals around the world. By bringing together patients, physicians and their families, SMI considers how kinship relations, structural violence, economic inequality, cultural beliefs, ideologies, and political contexts shape the experience of illness as well as perceptions toward medicine.

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