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How To Sell Your Idea To The Health Sector

Are you struggling to sell your innovative idea to the health sector? Is your idea so new that you’re finding it hard to convince healthcare professionals?

Let’s discuss.

I’m 60 days into my 90-day challenge for new Health Entrepreneurs. As you’ll see with the episodes so far, I’ve had 2 goals with this challenge:

  • The first relates to my personal experience with mental health. When I experienced burn out as a physician, I did some research to learn the strategies that help us feel and perform better, so we can thrive in our work and relationships. That’s why I’m teaching the tools and strategies I’ve found, to help all Entrepreneurs excel and be more resilient.
  • The second is what is at the core of The Entrepreneur’s Doctor. I’m highlighting the stories of Entrepreneurs from ANY sector that are turning their health problems into a business or startup with solutions, ranging from digital health, healthtech, and medtech, through to edtech, coaching, e-commerce, and more. The options are limitless… 

On day 48, my very special guest was an excellent example of that, pivoting from the world of accounting and education to health entrepreneurship.

Georgina Kyriakoudes, CEO at Dcentric.Health and Co-Creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App, was one of the first people in the world to gain a Masters in Blockchain with distinction, where I was honoured to serve as one of her supervisors. Georgina published her work in the Lancet.

I’m also super proud that Georgina is a founding member of the Intelligence Incubator, a growing movement of Health Entrepreneurs. If you’re looking to accelerate your health venture, accessing an independent advisory board without losing equity, then you’re no longer alone with the Intelligence Incubator.

In this episode of The New Health Entrepreneur 90 Day Challenge, Georgina shares how to take an innovative product or service and introduce it to a cautious, highly-regulated industry that you don’t yet fully understand. Specifically:

  • How do you approach the health sector if you don’t have the contacts? 
  • When should you start approaching customers and stakeholders?
  • Who should you speak with?
  • How do you approach a cold contact?

Learn from Georgina here.

You and I are both after the same thing, better health & wellbeing. As an Entrepreneur, you may have seen or felt problems with your personal experience of healthcare. Given your mindset, expertise, and skillset, you now want to do something about it. You may be worried that you have no prior knowledge or credentials within the health sector.

As The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I specialise in supporting you to translate your unique knowledge, skills, experience, and mindset, into innovative solutions that promote health and wellbeing. I do that by prescribing a dose of Startup Therapy, empowering you to self-assess, diagnose, treat, and better yet, prevent issues facing your health startup or business.

I’m Behrooz, a Harvard & Oxford trained preventive medicine / public health doctor, with over 20 years of international experience across direct patient care, wider public health service, policy, industry, media, research, education and training. I’ve supported and mentored Entrepreneurs from non-health backgrounds to enter and navigate the health sector.

While the future of health and care may be digital and enabled by healthtech, most entrepreneurs are merely focusing on the symptoms affecting healthcare. I can help you dive deeper to tackle the underlying causes affecting health and wellbeing, highlighting strategies and opportunities for real impact.

Sadly though, many Entrepreneurs and startups fail, often due to problems securing investment, gaining adoption, and poor product-market fit. Sometimes, what limits the scalability and sustainability of the business is the physical and mental health of the Entrepreneur him/herself.

That’s why I’m creating the free resources here to help get you off to a flying start. After all, we need more innovative solutions to the problems we face in the health and care sector. So what are you waiting for?

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