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Healthcare Marketing for the Health Coach, Consultant, & Healthcare Entrepreneur


In this week's episode, I teach healthcare marketing for the health coach, consultant, & healthcare entrepreneur.

You know that marketing is essential to the success of your business. After all, no one can buy your products or services if they don't even know that you exist!

Just because marketing is important doesn't mean it's easy. In fact, there are a number of mistakes that I’ve personally made with my marketing efforts.

Here are three of my biggest mistakes, so that you can avoid them in your own business.


1. Not Defining Your Target Audience

One of the most common mistakes health coaches, consultants, and healthcare entrepreneurs make is failing to define their target audience. I used to think that I could just market to anyone and everyone who might be interested in what I have to say. However, this approach is far too general and usually results in ineffectual marketing campaigns.

When you try to appeal to everyone, you end up appealing to no one. It's much better to focus your marketing efforts on a specific target audience. This could be people who are struggling with a particular health issue, parents of young children, women over the age of 50, etc.

The more specific you can be, the better. Once you've defined your target audience, you can create marketing materials that speak directly to their needs and pain points. Personally, I’ve also found that once I hone in on my niche, marketing becomes so much easier (and fun!).


2. Not Incorporating Different Types of Media

These days, there are so many different types of media available—blog posts, articles, e-books, social media posts, podcasts, webinars, etc.—and each one offers a unique way to reach your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Don't just stick to one type of media; mix things up and try out different types of content to see what works best for you and your business. You might be surprised at how well your target audience responds to a particular type of content that you didn't initially consider using.


3. Not Tracking Your Results

There's no point in putting all this time and effort into creating and implementing a marketing campaign if you're not going to track its effectiveness. How else will you know what's working and what's not? How else will you be able to adjust your campaign accordingly?

Fortunately, tracking your results doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming; there are plenty of simple (and free) ways to do it. Just set up Google Analytics on your website so that you can track your website traffic patterns over time. Alternatively, if you're running ads on social media or Google / YouTube, those platforms also offer ways for you to track the results of your campaigns.



In this week's episode of Tribe Talks, I teach healthcare marketing for the health coach, consultant, & healthcare entrepreneur.

Let’s dive deeper in the eleventh in a 12-part series where I help you go from where you are now as a health expert, to launch your scalable online business in 12 short weeks.

Your health business coach & consultant,

Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor

Host of Tribe Talks, Dr Behrooz Behbod is a Harvard & Oxford trained public health physician with 25+ years of international experience across healthcare, education, and business. As The Entrepreneur's Doctor, he helps entrepreneurs, like you, create a healthier, happier world.

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