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The Entrepreneur's Doctor: Startup Grind [ft. Hess Adnani]

In this episode, I’m joined by Hess Adnani, Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder at Sorxmedia, and Chapter Director at Startup Grind

Hess writes about business, productivity, personal development, and spirituality in his blog. In this interview, he shares his insights into:

00:01:30 Cyprus: Paradise on Earth

00:02:00 Hess Adnani

00:08:20 Importance of taking action

00:11:45 What is the secret of a successful venture?

00:14:45 Will they steal your idea?

00:17:20 Wantepreneur vs. Entrepreneur

00:22:00 What is Startup Grind?

00:25:11 How to break bad habits (and create good ones)

00:29:25 Hess' entrepreneurial experience

00:31:20 Ladybug: The Smart Home Startup (Microsoft and Facebook Creativity Award)

00:37:20 Ladybug: Lessons Learned from a Startup

00:38:28 Mental Health: Can Shadow Work help?

00:40:28 What can make or break a startup? Lessons from Sockseed

00:42:32 The 3 Pillars of Startup Health

00:44:54 Imposter syndrome as an Entrepreneur: can shadow work help?

00:50:25 How to succeed as an Entrepreneur

00:54:15 Is there a downside to serving?

00:57:15 Conscious Entrepreneurship

01:00:05 Spirituality & the flow state

01:05:15 Sorxmedia: A Digital Marketing Media Agency (learn more: https://sorxmedia.com/)

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