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Gen Z Burnout | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Dr Hieu Bui

When it comes to burnout and mental health, is there something unique about Generation Z, or those born between the late 90s and the first decade of the 21st century?

Five personal reflections:

  1. Can employers help?
  2. Can start-ups and entrepreneurship help?
  3. Can the workforce be empowered with innovation & intrapreneurship skills to co-create solutions themselves, perhaps with support from Entrepreneurs-in-residence?
  4. Can schools, colleges and universities help better prepare children and young people, alongside intersectoral policies and interventions?
  5. How about going further upstream and supporting future and new parents with the knowledge, capabilities, opportunities and motivation to create a space that nurtures the next generation?

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In a special extended episode of Tribe Talks, including Q&A with those on the Zoom call (apply here if you’d like to join future live & interactive calls), Dr Hieu Bui shows how we may be able to enable Gen Zs prevent and battle burnout. 

Dr. Bui, Executive Director of Healthcare Strategy & Alliances at STEERus, has 15 years experience in healthcare, and alongside being a fellowship trained radiologist, he also enjoys being an entrepreneur, investor and a human capital metrics and analytics consultant.

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