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How To Launch A Digital Health Startup

Digital Health is extremely popular, with many entrepreneurs and startups entering this space. This is fantastic, given the opportunities, but when you peel the onion, the number of startups doing something valuable becomes a handful.

So how can you as an entrepreneur make sure your startup not only gets adopted and scales, but also adds value?

My guest today is Dr Mert Aral, Head of Clinical Strategy and R&D at Huma. By powering proactive, predictive health, Huma is transforming healthcare and research globally. Their digital ‘hospital at home’ and decentralized clinical trial platform use real-time health data from smartphones to help patients, clinicians, researchers, and healthcare systems. Huma helps people live longer, fuller lives.

This episode also highlights the news of one AI startup that raised $43 Million to save lives & money by treating heart disease earlier.

If you’re looking to launch your first or next health startup / business, remember to grab my checklist, which I’ll email over to when you sign up to watch my free masterclass available here. Take some time out as it will be an hour well spent. It’ll help you overcome the obstacles you’ll face in what is a very challenging space to navigate. In fact, Entrepreneurs often tell me that had they known how hard the health sector would be, they may not have pivoted. However, after quizzing them further, they feel that it is extremely rewarding. Their insights helped me create the free checklist and masterclass.

Sadly, most health startups & businesses fail, yet the problems we face need Entrepreneurs with solutions, now more than ever. That’s why I’m running a live & interactive online workshop, where you’ll learn: 

  • The tools & strategies to ensure product-market fit;
  • How & who to approach in the health sector;
  • What questions to ask;
  • How to apply these principles directly to your venture.

Learn more about the 1Reason workshop here: https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor/1reason

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