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What Should I Do With My Life? | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Dr Behrooz Behbod

Have you arrived at a fork in the road with your work, and you’re unsure what to do next?

Perhaps you’re contemplating a career change, leaving your job to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Alternatively, you may feel uncertain about what type of business you’d like to create.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been approached by several health changemakers who feel stuck and having a hard time making a decision. So today I’d like to share how you can adapt 3 well-known business tools to help make things clear. Plus a hot seat with one of our audience!

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Back when I was deciding what to do next with my career, I used to focus on the pros and cons of each option in front of me. While this may appear to work well, the risk is that you’ll go down a path that doesn’t solve your core problem.

Hear me out…

Specifically, I’m going to walk you through 3 well known business tools to help you make your decision:

  • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Value Curve Analysis
  • Blue Ocean Strategy

Watch the full Tribe Talk here.

We also have a special hot seat with a member of the audience, Dr Patricia Kaine, which is included with her permission. With over seventy years’ experience as a retired, board-certified physician with intimate awareness of all areas of suicide, Patricia knows the pain of being the family member left behind. She has experienced the loss of her sister, two paternal aunts and two maternal cousins to suicide. Patricia is also a person who lives with suicide ideation, having committed herself to the mental hospital four times from the late 1970s — early 1990s so that she was protected from herself, when suicide seemed the only option.

Patricia created the Butterfly Method to take a person from feeling overwhelmed and despairing to hopeful in the time of a bathroom break. Its focus is to redirect a person before becoming so desperate that a ‘Hot Line’ is the only option keeping them from suicide. Patricia is dedicated to using her knowledge and experience in curtailing the current suicide epidemic by reaching out to colleges and universities with methods to thwart suicide before it evolves into a crisis.

Til next time, keep thriving 😊

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