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Overcome Limiting Beliefs


Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay


“I don’t have enough time”
“I don’t have the expertise”
“I’m not qualified”
“It’ll fail”


Sound familiar? 


I too have many limiting beliefs that have been holding me back:


I don’t have time to exercise — I’m too busy… when I finish work, I’m mentally exhausted, and just want to get to my family.

New beliefs:

  • My workout is the most important business meeting.
  • My health is my most important asset.
  • Dedicating 60–90 mins in the morning adds energy (energy out = energy in)
  • Combining movement with new learning works wonders, saves time, powers the rest of my day, generates ideas, and helps me get closer to my goals. While walking or jogging, I can also listen to a podcast or audiobook, take an online course, watch a movie or stand-up comedy show, or even meditate and do breathing exercises.



I need to workout every day, no matter what.

New beliefs:

  • If I’m not improving each day, walking / jogging faster, longer, or further, then I should be resting. 
  • I need to listen to my body.



Who am I to become an Entrepreneur? 

New beliefs:

  • I already have a lot of transferable knowledge & skills. 
  • “Who, not how”; I don’t need to do everything alone. I can team up with experienced entrepreneurs and subject matter experts. They can teach me what I need to know, but help me using their skillset and resources. 


My mission is to help Entrepreneurs create a healthier, happier world. Often, this starts at home. You may have no prior medical education or training, but you’ll have lived through a personal experience, either with your health, or with caring for a loved one. This may be pushing you to want to apply your entrepreneurial energy to deliver solutions to the problems you’ve seen and felt.

I’m here to empower you to turn your passion into products and services that truly add value, while helping you avoid and overcome the challenges you’ll face, like gaining investment and adoption, or access to data, people, and resources.

If this resonates with you, I’d love for you to take my free masterclass, available right here: https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor 


I’m now over a third of my way through a 90 Day Challenge, where I’m sharing my personal journey back to health, alongside highlighting stories of Entrepreneurs who’ve pivoted into the health sector. 

Day 33 covers the story of a paediatrician who went from burnout to helping facilitate innovation, intrapreneurship, and entrepreneurship across the National Health Service in the UK:


Day 34 covers the story of two Entrepreneurs in the USA, whose experience with menopause and breast cancer led to transforming women’s health worldwide:


On Day 35, I explore the best diet for dementia:


Day 36 shares the story of an osteopath from Scotland, whose injury and experience with low back pain, led to digital health entrepreneurship:


Day 37 saw the return of my special guest, a former police office from Vancouver, turned serial entrepreneur who pivoted into health, as a result of his personal experience living with diabetes:


My favourite episode so far was on Day 38, where I was coached live by a former Silicon Valley Entrepreneur & Googler, turned coach and future doctor. I wanted to see how I can turn my experience with burnout into my ambition to support Entrepreneurs:


My mission is to help you:

  • Overcome your challenges to achieve optimal health as an Entrepreneur;
  • Translate your personal experience into startups​ or businesses that help others with their health.

If this sounds like you, check out my free masterclass to learn how to launch a health venture, without medical expertise: [CLICK HERE]

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