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Dr Mala Mawkin, Forbes 30 Under 30 & Digital Health Podcast Host

At last week’s International Women’s Day, I could think of no one better than my special guest, Dr Mala Mawkin

Dr Mawkin has been featured on Forbes 30 Under 30, Vogue UK 10 Rising Female Stars 2018 and Women of the Future UK Awards Finalist 2019. Mala is host of Royal Society of Medicine’s Digital Health Podcast, which reached the Top 10 Medicine Podcasts on Apple in 2020, and has listeners in over 50 countries. 

Currently, Mala is Head of Market Development at the pain management start-up Cellen, which launched the UK’s first online chronic pain clinic in 2020. 

I ask Mala about what she has learned from: 

  • Interviewing leaders in the field, such as the Innovate UK chief exec, the NHS Innovation Accelerator co-founder, and a Google Health clinical specialist. 
  • Digital health internship at Harvard
  • Research at the European Space Agency 
  • Her roles as Digital Medicine Innovation Lead at Imperial College & Editorial Board Member at the International Journal of Digital Health 
  • What problem she would solve if she were to launch a startup in the digital health space
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship to tackle chronic pain

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