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Medical Entrepreneurs | Tribe Talks | Dr Uli Chettipally

Physicians are some of the smartest people that are there. They spend 10, 12, 15, 20 years studying medicine, studying how to make people healthy, how to stamp out disease, how to take care of patients. Now, you can imagine how much dedication that takes.

Obviously, when physicians start their career or start their education, they have this mission of helping people. You do that by going through the medical school, then you go through training, you pick a specialty and then you become really, really good at it.

The more you specialize, the narrower the field becomes, which is good because there are very specific, very complex diseases that need that kind of specialty. However, as you specialize, you are treating fewer patients.

What if you put that kind of energy, enthusiasm, effort, work, time and money to train a physician to be that specialized, into solve bigger problems?

What if physicians learned other areas, understood other parts of the healthcare business or other parts of healthcare technology, and used that intelligence, effort, and hard work to solve a much bigger problem?

What if you try to solve that problem for the whole population?

What if you helped one million patients?

That's what entrepreneurship (and public health) can provide.

That is the superpower you get when you become an Entrepreneur or an Innovator, making a difference in many, many, many lives, all at the same time (and  all with probably the same effort).

That does not mean that every Entrepreneur, every Innovator will be successful. It's a high risk game. When you look at start-ups, probably 7 out of 10 will fail, maybe 2 will do okay, and one will do great.

Physicians in general are risk averse, so this is something that we need to learn as we go. How do we take risks but calculated risks, and slowly start to decrease that risk as you grow your project, your company?

Yet the promise is there. The promise is that you bring the most intelligent people, the smartest people, the hardest working people to actually solve this, and so that is what I'm excited about. That's why I started Innovator MD and that's why I am here with Dr Behrooz Behbod.

I love what Behrooz is doing to inspire, inform, teach and train fellow Health Professionals to become Innovators and Entrepreneurs.

This is the best time for you to become an Entrepreneur or an Innovator because the technology is there, the business is there and the problems are there.

I hope you'll try it out.


Guest author: Dr. Uli K. Chettipally is an emergency physician, researcher, innovator, and author. He is the Founder of Sirica Therapeutics, a start-up developing a therapeutic device for autism using robotics and virtual reality. He also founded InnovatorMD, the largest community for physician innovators. His book, "Punish the Machine - The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare" is available on Amazon.

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