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Do Military Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs?


In this week’s episode of The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I was joined by Dr Andrew Huff, former American soldier, hospital epidemiologist, and Co-Founder of MTRX.

The episode is also available as a podcast on:


00:00:00 A common misconception

00:00:45 My two questions

00:01:23 Investing in students

00:03:15 Andrew Huff

00:05:31 Welsh blood

00:06:11 Battle flags

00:07:25 Do Entrepreneurs need to go to university?

00:11:54 The most important thing for Entrepreneurs

00:12:40 Leadership

00:19:05 MTRX for COVID-19

00:23:25 Measuring physiology

00:27:39 Asymptomatic / pre-symptomatic assessment

00:31:30 Improving accuracy & reliability

00:33:10 Preventive medicine

00:37:08 Mesothelioma & occupational health

00:40:09 Partnerships

00:40:50 Ford vs. Ferrari

00:42:50 Startup culture

00:44:08 Agile public health

00:46:06 Leadership in public health

00:49:35 Lessons from war

00:52:38 Challenges to health innovation & entrepreneurship

00:58:10 "A$$h*l*s with grenades"

01:00:38 Potential solutions

01:09:10 Peer review pitch?

01:09:54 Marketing strategies

01:12:07 AI & machine learning in marketing?

01:13:35 AI in MTRX

01:14:20 Wearables vs MTRX

01:15:58 Drones?!

01:16:23 Andrew's health & wellbeing strategies

01:19:38 Military entrepreneurs?

01:20:56 Entrepreneurs: nature vs. nurture

01:22:22 Andrew's advice for budding Entrepreneurs

01:24:26 Partner with MTRX


Learn more about MTRX: https://mtrx.io/

Contact MTRX Co-Founder, Andrew Huff on tel: +1.415.961.6743

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