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Mental Health Startups: An Investor's Take for Entrepreneurs


Who knew it would be possible… Earlier this week, I had the urge to talk about innovation & entrepreneurship in mental health. I flip the switch on in the new Clubhouse app, and around 50 people show up, with experts on stage ranging from a health commissioner, nurses, doctors, a pharmacist, a medical student, experts in mental and behavioural health, entrepreneurs, and a candidate for mayor of New York City!

Just think the planning that would have been needed to get all these experts and run an event. The power of technology to bring people together after a tough year!

Mental health is an area I am very passionate about, and was the trigger that helped me launch The Entrepreneur’s Doctor. If you’d like to know why, have a listen to what I’ve previously shared here & another one here, which I presented at an MIT Solve & Firefly Innovations Solveathon event in December 2020. 

It was at that Solveathon event that I met my guest today, Mitul Desai, mental health tech advisor and investor. Mitul advises corporations, startups, and nonprofits on mental health strategy, solutions, and technology. He also invest in inspiring entrepreneurs in the mental health tech space. 

Mitul’s background includes 10+ years in the healthcare industry and 5 years leading teams in product, data services, and digital strategy at a global payments technology firm. Previous experience includes working as a patent attorney at Merck and global law firms, and as a healthcare equity research analyst at Piper Sandler. Mitul also served in the Obama Administration as a Senior Advisor at the U.S. State Department, where he handled international economic policy and public-private partnerships in South Asia. Mitul was the first person to hold such a position.

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