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A New Name: One Insight Away


Do you ever feel like you're swimming upstream, trying to make a difference in the world?  

What if there was a way to break through these blocks?

The world is riddled with obstacles, and as visionary changemakers, it can be challenging to overcome the hurdles in our path. However, as Walt Disney famously said, "It's kind of fun to do the impossible". 

There is a way to break through these blocks, and it all starts with the power of insights.

Insights are profound realisations that allow us to see things from a different perspective. It's like a light bulb turning on in our mind, and it can be a powerful force in overcoming obstacles.

When we have an insight, we suddenly see the situation differently, and whatever was in our way dissolves.

Sometimes, all it takes is a single insight to overcome a significant obstacle. For example, when Apple co-founder Steve Jobs decided to combine technology and design into a seamless user experience, it revolutionised the tech industry. It was a game-changer that transformed the company's direction and brought it to unprecedented levels of success.

The benefits of insight go beyond just solving a problem; insights have the potential to unleash transformational growth and impact. 

A single insight can have a ripple effect that changes our perception of ourselves and the world. It inspires us to think outside the box, challenges our assumptions, and unlocks new possibilities. 

By embracing the impossible and leaning into our potential, we can unlock our capacity to make a meaningful impact in the world.

Whether we're looking to grow our business, start a movement, or make a change in the world, one insight is all it takes to catalyse change.

With the power of insights, the impossible becomes possible.

Insights can break through the inertia of our minds and unleash a tidal wave of creativity and innovation. So, let's lean into our potential, cultivate our insights, and make a positive impact in the world that only we can create.


A new direction 

For years, I was what you might call a high performer. I dedicated my life to improving population and planetary health and wellbeing, pursuing education and training at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. Yet even the most talented among us can succumb to burnout, and that's exactly what happened to me in 2020.

For two long years, I was functioning, but on the inside, I felt stuck and no longer able to create the positive impact I had always planned for. I was afraid that I would no longer feel fulfilled and truly happy.

Then one day, a single insight changed everything. Suddenly, I saw the path ahead of me with greater clarity and possibility. It's a moment that I will always remember, and one that I'm excited to explore more fully in my upcoming book.

Since discovering the power of transformative insights, I've been on a mission to spark insights in other visionary changemakers who feel like something is holding them back. 


Looking for a chance to help a great cause?

Alongside writing my book, I'm shooting video footage and I need your help.

I’m looking for a visionary changemaker looking to make a positive impact in the world, but who feels something is holding them back.

I’m here to help through a one-on-one recorded video conversation.

If this is something that interests you, please complete the short application form for a two-hour Insight Workshop here.

Let's get started on making the seemingly impossible possible!


We’re one insight away,

Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor


“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” - Howard Thurman