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Mental Health Tips for Entrepreneurs [ft. Dee & Ray, Our Messy Rainbows]


More people are turning to entrepreneurship, which is great. However, many entrepreneurs are suffering behind the scenes with their mental health and incredibly busy lifestyles. This is made worse with the anxiety and uncertainties in the world today. None of this helps if we’re looking to have sustainable startups.

Much of our behaviours and health are determined early in childhood. That’s why I’m so happy to be joined today by Dee & Ray, hosts of Our Messy Rainbows podcast, which has been listened to in around 30 countries so far.

There is so much value if all children learned about innovation and entrepreneurship, not just to create businesses or startups, but to learn about problem solving, leadership, teamwork, communication, and the curious and creative entrepreneurial mindset.

I first asked Dee & Ray what they knew about entrepreneurship, and they shared some advice for all entrepreneurs you won’t want to miss:



One of my favourite answers was when I asked them how entrepreneurs could help improve their lives. Listen to 16:35 in the full episode, available here.

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