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Ask This Question BEFORE You Build Your Business

What is it that you truly want?

You know we often get attracted to entrepreneurship and business, wanting to escape from the status quo or the daily grind in our jobs. We want to get into the space where we can be more creative, have fun and do the work that we truly care about.

That’s where we split up into two camps when it comes to entrepreneurship. You've got the traditional side, which involves growing a business around a solution to a problem, getting funding, building a large team, scaling up, and aiming for a huge exit. Then there is the other side and that's the group that I want to talk to today.

When I was thinking about which path I want to take, initially I thought it was the former model. Opportunities came my way, it was hard to say no, but actually what I wanted and needed was the latter.

There are 2 core reasons I wanted to create my own business at The Entrepreneur's Doctor… on the one hand, I wanted to solve problems I’ve personally seen in the health sector. Yet on the other hand, I wanted the business to treat me well. I want the business to be designed around the kind of life that I want to live, and most importantly, it MUST be fun, otherwise it’s just another job.

I was coaching a client earlier this week and we were chatting about how we both got into business for the same reasons, but along the way, new opportunities came our way, or we had to make pivots that made us veer off course and start thinking about growing the business to have a huge team and more complexity in it. While that is absolutely fine if that's what you want, make sure to always go back to asking yourself this important question:

 What is it that you truly want?

If you want to not only scale your impact, but work less and have more fun doing the creative work that you love, then think again about your business model. If your business doesn’t align with your ideal lifestyle, then you’re eventually going to feel stressed, overwhelmed and you’ll be at risk of burnout. Unfortunately, the business will not be viable and given most start-ups fail, then at least enjoy the process.

So, I’ll leave you with this question again… when building your business, what is it you truly want?

I’d love to hear your views on this.

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