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Medical Business | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Dr Ramin Rafie

Are you a health professional looking to build a medical business? I’d like to hear from you… what’s worked, what have been the challenges?

My guest today describes the value of:

* Blue ocean strategy for medical doctors

* SWOT analysis for your business

* Diversifying your income as a medical doctor

* Understanding venture capital

* Value based care

* Addressing the 8% of the population that drive 80% of medical insurance costs

Dr Ramin Rafie, primary care trained physician. He served at the 4th largest accountable care organisation in the USA, demonstrating the value of primary care in the home. Dr Rafie was the hospice director for 2 locations in Michigan. He is certified in AI in medicine, and is currently working on his MBA.

Welcome to Tribe Talks here at The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, where we’re here to help you, the Entrepreneur, create a healthier, happier world through your ventures.

Who this is for:

* You’re new to the health sector, looking for help to enter and navigate the system.

* You’re in search of business or startup ideas that solve problems in healthcare or public health.

* You’re new to entrepreneurship and need essential business knowledge.

* You’re facing a specific challenge as a Health Entrepreneur, and want to gain feedback.

In the very first live call of the Tribe (Jan 10, 2022), members unanimously decided to record calls and publish them as episodes of The Entrepreneur’s Doctor podcast. Each 30-min call will take different formats. One will be a 10-min Tribe Talk, followed by Q&A and peer discussion on health sector needs, startup opportunities, business concepts, and information for the Entrepreneur’s own health. Another will be the Hot Seat, where you can bring your challenges as a Health Entrepreneur and gain access to a free coaching or consulting session from both Dr Behbod and potentially other changemakers in the studio.

Want to ask your question in the studio, be a speaker, or take the hot seat? Join us: https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor/tribe

Tribe Talks is a feature of the Startup Therapy Accelerator, the world’s first accelerator to democratise health entrepreneurship.

Want to dive deeper? Check out the Startup Therapy Summit.

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