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The Public Health Entrepreneur

This week, I'm joined by one of my favourite public health entrepreneurs, Ramon Llamas.

00:00 Intro

01:00 Morning routine

02:47 Public health comedians?!

03:40 Ramon's story

04:40 Startup "on the side"

06:00 Entrepreneurship as a career choice

13:50 Benefits of entrepreneurship

16:04 Public health entrepreneurship

18:03 Developing startup ideas

21:19 Ramon's blog

22:38 Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins & Tim Ferriss

25:30 2mm away from public health success

28:50 Back to basics

29:45 Notable health startups

34:20 Everytable

36:43 Ramon's first startup

39:12 Food As Medicine: Medically Tailored Meals

42:25 Ideas that move the needle

45:15 Health & wellbeing of entrepreneurs

48:40 "Corporate wellness" for entrepreneurs?

52:10 Contact Ramon

53:50 Final thoughts


Connect with Ramon: 


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