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Startup Therapy Survivor Stories

"Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames." Rumi

Six Changemakers joined me for the very first Startup Therapy Live training, an immersive and interactive workshop to create and grow their online health business.

I'll be sharing their stories in upcoming episodes of Tribe Talks. Briefly, these Health Entrepreneurs are focused on topics related to reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, managing busy workloads as portfolio clinicians, preventing road traffic accidents, improving mental and physical health and wellbeing, and creating a community of people affected by skin scarring.

Day 1 was Signature Creation Day, where each Health Entrepreneur unpacked their professional expertise and lived experience into products & services that sell.

Day 2 was Growth System Day, where each online health business Founder developed a deeper relationship with their growing audience through service, and most importantly, learning how to make sales by transforming their ideal client’s life.

Day 3 was Digital Service Day, where they learned how to create the front- and back-end of their online health business, including their website, podcast, marketing & sales system, products, services, etc. I also walked them through THE all-in-one platform that I recommend to EVERY online health business owner. You can take it for a 30-day free test drive if you wish through my affiliate partner link. If you decide to become a paid subscriber, simply email me ([email protected]) your receipt and a link to this article, and I’ll give you a complementary one-to-one strategic call with me (£197 value).

Some of these Changemakers will be joining me for 12 weeks of business coaching as part of Startup Therapy Academy, and 6 months of the brand new Mastermind.

See THIS if you want to see if you’ve got what it takes to survive Startup Therapy. 

In the meantime, see what they had to say about Startup Therapy:


Keep thriving Friend :)

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