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Virtual Reality in Medical Education | Tribe Talks | SimTecMD

Is virtual reality the future of medical education?

My guest this week is Dr B. McKay Byam, MD, the co-founder and CEO of SimTec MD.

As a proponent of innovation in medical education, I was intrigued by their work when McKay pitched recently at one of the weekly GE Healthcare Edison Accelerator Twitter spaces.

In this episode, McKay gives a 10-min Tribe Talk about how SimTecMD offers:

  • Virtual OSCE scenarios so medical students can practice and refine their routine for clinical exams.
  • Gamified virtual environments so medical education can be fun without putting patients at risk.
  • Speech recognition so you can interact with virtual environments in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Personalised learning with feedback reports and progress dashboards so students can measure and improve their performance.

McKay is also exploring the interaction of blockchain and VR technology, so watch this space…

I then ask McKay questions about the role of virtual reality as “flight simulators” for the health sector, potentially serving as a technology that may also reduce the risk of workplace stress and burnout.

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Watch the full episode below, either live on Sunday June 19 (18:00–18:30 UK), or replay on demand at any time.

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