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Punish The Machine | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Dr Uli Chettipally

Punish The Machine!

Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, where I’m here to help you, the Entrepreneur, create a healthier, happier world through your business ventures.

My special guest is Dr. Uli K. Chettipally is an emergency physician, researcher, innovator, and author. He is the Founder of Sirica Therapeutics, a startup developing a therapeutic device for autism using robotics and virtual reality. He also founded InnovatorMD, the largest community for physician innovators.

He invests in and advises companies in healthcare and technology. He is passionate about technology-enabled care that can improve clinical outcomes.

He has designed, developed, and implemented a clinical decision support platform that scans a million patients a year in the emergency departments, to deliver risk scores and real-time guidance to treating physicians at the point of care, in 21 hospitals at Kaiser Permanente in California. He received the "Pioneer Award" from Kaiser Permanente Innovations and the "Morris F. Collen Research Award" from The Permanente Medical Group for this groundbreaking work.

His book, "Punish the Machine - The Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare" is available on Amazon.

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