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5 Pillars Of Physician Entrepreneurship | Tribe Talks | Dr Arlen Meyers MD MBA


If you’re thinking about a pivot into entrepreneurship, then you’re in the right place. My very special guest today is Dr Arlen Meyers, president of the Society of Physician Entrepreneurship. 


2 important updates:


First, this Wednesday, live at 17:00 UK, I'll be sharing my 7 secrets to health entrepreneurship. These will be of value if you're also a busy Health Professional and feel something is holding you back. Be sure to grab your free copy of the workbook to play along with the exercises, and access the video links (available at https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor).


Second, if you’re serious about taking the next steps in your business journey, you’ll want to check out the upcoming 3-day Startup Therapy LIVE.  To be held virtually in early June, you'll join this interactive implementation workshop to learn how to:


Day 1: Signature Creation

1. Translate your lived experience or professional expertise into a value proposition that your ideal customers buy, use, and get results to transform health & happiness.

2. Create your unique signature delivery system, which you can use as a consultant, coach, educator, or thought leader.

3. Implement the exact business model that empowers you to scale your impact, so you can help more people, while working less and enjoying your freedom, without relying on a large team or investors. Keep 100% equity and control over your business.


Day 2: Digital Service

Learn the essential features of your website, including frameworks for the copy to help serve your ideal client, while transitioning them into signing up to their most appropriate solution.


Day 3: Growth System

Scale your business by designing and implementing a fun, stress-free, and affordable 360-degree marketing, sales, automation, and growth system. 


IMPORTANT: Due to the highly interactive nature of Startup Therapy Live,  the 6 spots will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. If you're unable to join this time around, you'll still have a chance to join the next team, likely to be held in late September / October 2022.


You'll also have the option to join the Startup Therapy Academy, where you'll leverage your momentum from the 3-day live training and accelerate your success through 12-weeks of group and one-to-one business coaching, as well as a private 24/7 virtual community.


Another  popular option is the upcoming Startup Therapy Mastermind, where every Changemaker that survives the 3-day Startup Therapy Live or the 12-week Academy will be invited to join the Mastermind group. You’ll join fellow online health business owners to connect, create, learn, and grow together. This includes monthly group virtual meetings and a 24/7 community.


If any of this feels like it may be of value to you, and you’d like to learn more, alongside gaining my personalised and confidential recommendations, please complete the short form here: https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor/. I'll then reach out to schedule a one-to-one discovery call.


Keep thriving! :)

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