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Want To Create Your Thriving Online Health Business?

So you’ve seen a problem in the health sector, which you feel inspired to solve through your own online business. You want to scale your impact, work less, and have fun, but don’t know where to start, given you can’t risk your family, financial, or job security as a busy professional with responsibilities.

I still vividly remember the summer of 2020, working around the clock to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Frustrated, angry, and tired, my 4 year-old son sat next to me, held my hand and looked deep into my soul, begging me to leave the job that had led to my burnout. No longer happy at home or at work, I’d lost the passion that had originally attracted me to a career of service.

Despite 10 years of opportunities to pivot into innovation and entrepreneurship, inspired by multiple challenges as a patient, caregiver, and health professional, it was my son’s plea that changed everything. With a mortgage and childcare responsibilities, I couldn’t burn the boats and go all in. That’s why I took a part-time role, giving me the freedom to gain the business and marketing expertise that should have been taught way sooner in my career.

Combining my 25 years of international education, training, and experience across healthcare, public health, business, and education, eventually led me to launch The Entrepreneur’s Doctor and the creation of Startup Therapy, my prescription for any busy professional looking to transform into a Health Entrepreneur and create a healthier, happier world through their ventures.

Don’t Wait 10 Years!

I’d love to help you skip the 10-years I wasted, and avoid the 6-figure investment into my education & training. Life is too short!

The world needs you too, as someone with lived experience and ideas to solve the problems we face in the health sector.

Here's the best part... now that I work part time in a creative role, knowing that I can serve even more people at scale, I'm having fun and enjoying the freedom that comes with entrepreneurship and owning my business. For the past 18 months, I've been smiling again, regaining my passion for public health service.

Yet, after a decade of contemplating my pivot into entrepreneurship, I always felt alone. That’s why in 2021, I created the Startup Therapy Accelerator, for busy professionals like you and me, with family or financial commitments that may be holding us back from our passion.

With a mission to democratise health entrepreneurship:

* We are free to join

* We don’t take equity from your venture

* We offer lifelong membership, so we’re here together to learn, connect, and co-create in all your ventures, not just the one you may be working on now.

Benefits include:

Tribe Talks

Weekly live and interactive talks & discussion about:

* Health sector needs

* Analysis of startup ideas from the latest research & innovation

* Business 101 for new founders and business owners

* Tips for better Entrepreneur success in life, health, and work

Global Community

24/7 online platform to connect with a growing rolodex of changemakers and potential partners.

Virtual Summit

Years in the making, but finally, when you’re in control over your business, and no formalities, you just take action! Learn on demand from a terrific line-up of 30+ international speakers, who I interviewed over the past few months, and everything is now ready for you to simply watch:


Changing Clinical Culture

Professor Chris Jones, Deputy Chief Medical Officer for Wales, Welsh Government & Honorary Professor, Cardiff University

Rethinking Healthcare Innovation

Professor Kelechi Nnoaham, Executive Director of Public Health, Cwm Taf Morgannwg University Health Board in Wales


Startup Ideas

Marina & Eugene Borukhovich, co-founders at YourCoach Health

Sheena Pirbhai, founder & CEO at Stress Point Health

Roi Shternin, Chief Patient Officer and founder at The Patient School

Olli Rundgren, founder & CEO at Psyon Games

Paul Lyes, cofounder at Spryt

You can learn more from each of our speakers here:

How To Navigate The Healthcare System As Entrepreneurs & Startups — Eugene Borukhovich

Do Patients Make Great Health Entrepreneurs — Sheena Pirbhai

Startup CEO In Healthcare? You Need A Chief Patient Officer — Roi Shternin

I also referred to my conversation with Amir Bozorgzadeh, cofounder at Virtuleap:

VR Business Ideas In Brain & Mental Health


Georgina Kyriakoudes, CEO, Dcentric Health, and co-creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App

Lea Dias, Cofounder & CEO, Quæfacta

Dr Abdullah Albeyatti, Cofounder & CEO, Medicalchain & MyClinic

Gareth Dellenty, Managing Partner at The Clarity Practice

You can learn more from each of our speakers here:

Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make When Starting A Business — Dr Abdullah Albeyatti

Business Ideas That Promote Value Based Health & Care — Gareth Dellenty

Can Blockchain Disrupt The Health Sector — Georgina Kyriakoudes

How To Sell Your Idea To The Health Sector — Georgina Kyriakoudes

Artificial Intelligence

Dr Uli Chettipally, founder of InnovatorMD and Sirica Therapeutics.

You can learn more from Dr Chettipally here: Punish The Machine

Palliative Care

Dr Arian Nachat MD, CEO & founder at Pallity.

Electroceutical Medical Devices

Gerald Loeb, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Neurology and Pharmacy, University of Southern California


Founder Diversity

Lisa Rickers, Specialist Nurse & Founder of The iCrowd

Dawn Jarvis, Nurse Entrepreneur, host of the Dawn Jarvis Show, & author of Nurture Your Network.

Hala Abusin, Pharmacist / Founder of PlatPharma

Marcus Stow, Nurse Innovator & startup advisor, having served at the Royal Air Force

Heath Stone, former police officer, serial entrepreneur, a patient thriving with diabetes, and founder of Uncommon Diabetic Solutions

Alex Bridgen, associate at Fountech Ventures, a Local Government Member & Economics Student

Jie Feng, Co-Founder and CEO at KELLS

You can learn more from each of our speakers here:

How To Be A Nurse Innovator & Entrepreneur [The New Health Entrepreneur: 90 Day Challenge, Day 19] — YouTube with Lisa Rickers & Marcus Stow

Pharmacy Business Ideas — The 5 E’s with Hala Abusin

Business Challenges of a Health Solopreneur — Coaching and Consulting with Dawn Jarvis

Founder Market Fit

Phil Wakefield, founder & CEO at Oxogen

You can learn more from Phil here:

Business Ideas In Healthcare

Healthtech Startups


Lawrence Fung, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine; Director of the Stanford Neurodiversity Project.


Creating Engaging Experiences

Christophe Jauquet, author of Healthusiasm: Making Customers Healthy & Happy; Keynote speaker on game changers in health & self-care at Healthusiasm


Rosi Bremec, Data Strategy Builder at Focus2Scale

Will Brookman, Innovation and Grant Funding Consultant at PNO Consultants

Paolo Ottaviani, Investment Manager at Crossfund & Founder of InnovAsia

Massimo Bresciani, Industry Director at CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Centre, University of Strathclyde

You can learn more about funding from:

Startup Funding For Your Health Business — YouTube, with Vic Gatto, CEO & Founder at Jumpstart Health Investors

Mental Health Startups: An Investor’s Take for Entrepreneurs — YouTube, with Mitul Desai, mental health tech advisor and investor.

Health Economics

Lindsey Cook, Director of SoWhat? Healthcare Consultancy

Venture Entrepreneur Fit

Rahim Gulamali, Founder at DnA Executive Co-Creation Network.

Even the Co-Founder of Netflix agrees:

Watch the Summit trailers HERE.

Til next time, keep thriving :)


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