Rainn Wilson (Dwight from The Office) on Spirituality, Mental Health, & Life


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Remember 'The Office' marathon nights, filled with laughter at Dwight Schrute's antics? Who would have thought that Rainn Wilson, the actor behind Dwight, would one day provide us with profound insights on life and wellbeing?


My recent encounter with these insights wasn't through another hilarious episode of 'The Office', but through a podcast - The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett. In his candid conversation with Bartlett, Wilson peeled back layers of his persona that we were unfamiliar with.


I'll share my own take in a moment, but I invite you to listen in on five of my favourite clips:

  2. ON LOVE


Reflecting on my own journey, I've experienced the delicate dance between love and fear first-hand. When our son arrived prematurely into this world, my heart was a battlefield of overwhelming love and paralysing fear. Love for this tiny being who had already claimed a piece of my soul, and fear for the fragility of his life.


Similarly, when my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, it felt like we were both handed a ticking time bomb. We navigated the tumultuous journey together, from the moment of diagnosis to the final second when I held his hand as he took his last breath. It was a journey of witnessing the ultimate paradox of life - love in the face of death.


In the throes of these emotional whirlwinds, I also grappled with my own burnout. The relentless pursuit of professional success had led me down a path of mental exhaustion. It made me question everything - our societal definitions of success, the relentless grind, the sacrifice of health for wealth, and the very essence of happiness.


Through these experiences, I have come to realise that we may have gotten it all wrong about work, health, and love when it comes to living a happy, fulfilling, prosperous, and impactful life.


I invite you to join me on this exploration in a deep-dive, available at



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