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Business Prescription for Health Professionals | Tribe Talks | Dr Behrooz Behbod


My birthday is fast approaching, and I'm turning 43! Honestly don't know how I feel about that...

Just take a look at the view in the video for a moment. If only I had more time to enjoy being in places like this.

Most of us as Health Professionals have become way too busy with work, and it seems like it's just got worse. We often find ourselves planning weeks ahead to just spend some time going to a birthday party for our children, or enjoying time with friends.

What's gone wrong? We've dedicated all our lives either studying, training, taking exams, or just practicing clinically in the service of improving health and care. That's fantastic, but who's looking after us?

You've probably heard of my burnout story, where there was this one moment when my four year old son stared deep into my soul, when I was starting to burn out during the pandemic. I was exhausted, no longer having fun doing what I love. I felt lost, and my son looked at me and begged me to work less.

Many of us are struggling behind the scenes, even now, working long, intense hours, with a significant number facing stress and burnout, as well as other physical and mental health issues.

I'm here to say that it's just not right. Sure, we're told to look after ourselves first and seek help when we need it, but how can we with this busy workload?

Many of us are looking for ways out, but if you're like me, you may not want to leave the health profession. You're trained, qualified and dedicated to this. We truly love it, and simply want to be able to help more people.

Back in 2006, for me, that meant going into public health as a specialty, pivoting from treating one patient at a time, to treating the population at large. Yet now we're seeing both students and qualified health professionals turning to entrepreneurship, whether they're doctors, nurses, pharmacists, or any health professional.

Sometimes I wonder if this could be part of the solution.

Here's the thing though; most health professionals are attracted to entrepreneurship because alongside feeling that it may help them scale their impact, they believe that it will actually help them have more time freedom back. For some, it might also be making more money, but having personally walked this path and explored various options, I'd love to share a few things that I've learned so that you can avoid these pitfalls.

Most of us are afraid of failure, or worse yet, rejection by our colleagues. Going down this path of business and entrepreneurship somehow feels wrong. "How dare we?" We wonder what our professional peers may think, but if you're like me, you'll not feel comfortable selling either. In fact, we don't want to be seen as too salesy. Yet the most common concern is that health professionals simply feel too busy to spend time creating or marketing a business. We don't want to create more work that makes us feel even more overwhelmed and unable to spend quality time with our family, taking our kids to school, being with our loved ones or just being able to do our favourite fun activities.

To wrap up, I'd love to walk you through:

  • 3 myths of health entrepreneurship.
  • 3 super simple tips for maximising impact while working less.
  • 3 critical steps for business success.

I'll also offer 3 bonuses:

Bonus 1: 3S Fundraising Framework.

Bonus 2: Access to one live Zoom Startup Therapy Tribe call, held Fridays, 14:00 - 15:00 UK. Please check your welcome email for the Zoom link.

Secret Bonus 3: You'll find out what this is when you're in :) 

Sound good?

Cool. Here's what I'd like you to do. Just check out THIS LINK and you're going to get something really special.

I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

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