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From Turbulence to Tranquillity


Dear Friend,


As I pen this letter, my thoughts drift towards our shared aspirations as conscious entrepreneurial leaders.


We have chosen a path that is not merely about business success, but about creating a positive impact in the world. Our work is driven by a deep-seated passion to make a difference, to usher in change, and to uplift those around us.


The journey of a conscious entrepreneurial leader, as we both know, isn’t always smooth sailing. There are times when we hit brick walls – burnout, discouragement, or a gnawing sense of something missing.


These challenges don't just affect us, they also impact our work, our wellbeing, and those we strive to serve.


I want to share a personal story with you.


Exactly seven years ago, amidst a stressful year marked by the premature birth of our child and the loss of my grandfather, I received a gut-wrenching message.


My father had been rushed to hospital in Cyprus.


Without hesitation, I took to the skies to stand by his side. In the embrace we shared at the airport (picture above), he, as fathers often do, attempted to instil comfort within me.


The following days were a blur of hospital visits and heart-wrenching uncertainty until we received the devastating news...


My father had mesothelioma, a terminal cancer affecting the lining of the lungs.


That diagnosis set off an emotional rollercoaster that intertwined work stress with personal health challenges, relocation to a new country, securing new employment, and finding a new home.


After a tough year full of sadness, relocating again to the UK, starting afresh in a new city, new home, and job, the pandemic hit, and I felt burned out.


Looking back at this tumultuous period, I realise that the source of the intense emotions was not the events themselves, but my thoughts and perceptions about them.


Here's the game-changing insight I wish I had known back then.


Our thoughts, no matter how overwhelming, are transient. They come and go, much like waves on a shoreline.


Recognising this simple truth helps us see our circumstances more clearly. Instead of being engulfed by the storm of our thoughts, we can step back and observe them without judgement.


This shift doesn't change the challenges we face, but it drastically alters how we respond to them. It fosters resilience, confidence, clarity, and creativity, enabling us to navigate our trials with greater ease.


This insight has the power to help us get unstuck, to move beyond our brick walls and continue to create positive impact.


By understanding the transient nature of our thoughts, we can tackle our challenges with a clear mind, continue our meaningful work, and enjoy a prosperous life.


Remember, dear friend, every challenge is an opportunity for growth. Hold onto the insight that our thoughts are fleeting, and let it guide you through tough times.


I have no doubt that we can continue to rise above any hurdles with grace and courage, creating ripples of positive change in the world.


We're one insight away...





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