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Unbiased Science: A Podcast Story


In an age where we are faced by so many complex, “wicked problems”, from COVID-19 to mental health, cancer, obesity, and climate change, we turn to the world of Public Health for answers. I’ve been in this field for years, and prior to COVID-19, most of my family and friends had no idea what I was doing!

The WHO defines it beautifully as “the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health through the organized efforts of society” (Acheson, 1988; WHO). 

It very much is an art. You can read, study, go to classes all you like, but in the face of wicked problems, there is a fine art and skill in dealing with uncertainty, an emerging evidence base, and a complex system. 

Nevertheless, we follow the scientific process and evidence to guide and inform actions. 

So many Entrepreneurs are turning to audio to get their daily dose of inspiration and information, whether it be on radio or the eagerly awaited Clubhouse app. I love podcasts and long-form interviews, and was so happy to hear about the Unbiased Science Podcast, your trusted source for no nonsense — just science.

This week on The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, I interview the wonderful hosts, Dr Jess Steier & Dr Andrea Love. We cover topics such as COVID-19, vaccines, immune boosting strategies, and health tips for busy entrepreneurs.

The episode is also available as a podcast on:


00:00 Thank you Zoom!!! 

00:17 My 2 questions 

01:08 Introducing my guests 

07:00 A podcast story 

12:45 Vaccine hesitancy 

17:25 Complementary & alternative medicine 

18:20 Evidence based medicine 

21:06 Boosting immune system 

25:30 Health tips for busy entrepreneurs 

30:00 COVID-19: Improve your chances 

31:57 Innovation in public health 

35:55 Zoom & Facebook 

37:00 Artificial intelligence in evidence reviews 

40:08 Vision for The Unbiased Science Podcast 

42:55 Health communication — what’s missing 

45:03 Listening to the audience 

50:04 Connect with Unbiased Science 

52:00 Social media trumps science?


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