Patient Led Innovation & Entrepreneurship | The Entrepreneur's Doctor Tribe Talks | Vijay Luthra

Could this be one answer to creating a healthier, happier world?

Last week I pre-ordered 2050 CROSSROADS, a new book by my friend, Hicham Naim Pharm D MBA. This book is about how we can use technology and innovation to make health more equitable and accessible, as well as a healthier society. It is not a techno-optimist book, nor does it promote any particular technology or agenda.

So of course, as a public health physician who cares about not only human health but also one health & planetary health, this made me think...

Sadly, as individuals and the world at large, we do not take action until our backs are against the wall. Usually, it isn't until we are personally affected somehow when we take a stand, either as a patient, or as a caregiver.

What we need for a healthy 2050 is interdisciplinary action, driven by health champions in ALL sectors. Remember, 90% of health has NOTHING to do with clinical care. Yet 90% of our innovation and funding goes to DISEASEcare.

Bringing these two thoughts together, what if we empowered more patients to serve as health champions IN ALL SECTORS? Not only do patients often feel inspired to improve their own health, but they too could serve as champions among their family, friends, and community, as well as with the colleagues in their business or organisation, improving workplace wellbeing.

Yet the benefits go even further...

Given that health is determined mainly by factors outside healthcare, what if Patientpreneurs, either as Entrepreneurs or Intrapreneurs, felt empowered to create healthier schools, transport, food, homes, offices, cities, businesses, media, policies, and laws? The list goes on...

If you were writing a chapter in 2050 CROSSROADS, what would you write about?

Driven by purpose and impact, our guest today is Vijay Luthra, who helps healthtech leaders achieve exponential growth for their businesses. Vijay is head of strategic partnerships at Thriva.

Growing up with Chronic Kidney Disease and having had a renal transplant, Vijay believes that innovation in health is critical to an empowered and equitable world. Having previously worked in the music industry and government, he never felt ready to enter the health sector.

In this week’s Tribe Talks, Vijay shares:

  1. His story of how the vulnerability he felt during the COVID-19 pandemic inspired him to pivot into the health sector.
  2. The problems he sees, and the potential start-up idea to help patients with chronic disease.
  3. Tips for the busy professional who also feels inspired to create a business following their personal health experience.
  4. We then had a discussion about patient-led innovation with Tribe members in the audience.

Do you feel inspired to take a solution to the problem you've seen in your personal health journey, and create a business that helps others not go through what you faced? Your professional background does not matter; whether you're a health professional or not, what unites us is a sense of urgency given our own lived experience as patients.

Most Founders create startups that need a lot of funding, tech expertise, large teams, and multiple relationships with stakeholders. This can lead to stress, overwhelm, and burnout. To scale your impact without these unwanted hassles, so you can work less, have freedom to do what you love, and have fun being creative, you need a business that treats you well (otherwise you'd stay in your busy job).

As The Entrepreneur's Doctor, I prescribe a dose of Startup TherapyTM to help you create an online-first business, without risking your family, financial, or job security. Using my 25 years of international experience across health, education, and business, I'll help you design a value proposition that people will actually want, use, and get results. This includes fully online as well as brick-and-mortar businesses that want to grow online, offering digital products and services (e.g., courses, coaching, consulting), or physical products through e-commerce.