Online Business For Better Health | Rebecca Tucker | Startup Therapy Summit

This fireside chat is part of the Startup Therapy Summit for Health Entrepreneurs.

Welcome to The Entrepreneur’s Doctor, where I'm here to help you take a problem you've seen in your health journey, and create a thriving online business, without risking your family, financial, or job security, so you can scale your impact, have the freedom to do what you love, and have fun being creative.

My guest is Rebecca Tucker, the founder and driving force of Whitecalm, who had a passionate dream to improve people’s health and wellbeing and having a company that truly helps people.

After working as a managing director in luxury concierge for over ten years, whilst balancing family life as a wife and mother, Rebecca saw a gap in the market for an accessible service to experience travel and wellbeing days. Whitecalm was incorporated providing a 360 degree retreat service for the overtired, overworked, stretched and stressed to take their health back into their own hands through tailored experiences and luxury travel to high end resorts and hotels.

In a short space of time Whitecalm achieved extraordinary things, hosting award winning signature retreats in and around London including the ‘Deep Relaxation Day’, ‘Revive & Rejuvenate’, ‘Meditation & Mindfulness’ and more. The company was voted the ‘Best Day Retreat’ by Timeout in 2019 and went on to be the winner of ‘London Prestige Awards 2019/20’ which the team are hugely proud of.

In April 2019 Rebecca was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer just before her 50th birthday. Whilst receiving treatment and during recovery, ideas developed further into offering an all-in-one platform helping to improve health, fitness, sleep, nutrition, overall wellbeing and more.

With another 25+ luxury retreat locations due to be launched nationwide, the COVID-19 lockdown hit and the decision was quickly made to pivot to supply a similar experience for clients but delivered online. Whitecalm’s original instructors and experts formed the base of the Whitecalm Virtual platform which expanded very quickly into the complete solution that is being enjoyed by so many.

Whitecalm today is an award winning virtual platform helping individuals of all types improve their lives, by improving their physical, emotional, social, workplace and societal states. The Whitecalm team is proud to provide employers, membership organizations, their employees and members with direct access to a complete range of live, interactive, one-on one and on-demand wellness services through a single and easy-to-use online-portal, 24/7 365 days a year.