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Workplace Wellbeing: Could This Be The Future?


Over the recent years, I've noticed a growing trend in the corporate world, one that I am sure you've encountered as well - the need for robust workplace wellbeing programmes.


Our work lives take up a considerable part of our days, and this environment has a profound impact on our overall health and wellbeing.


As leaders in our organisation, we demonstrate incredible foresight in recognising the importance of cultivating a happy and healthy workforce.


An overwhelming majority of company assets are directly linked to the skills and expertise of their employees. A workforce that feels valued and supported is not only more motivated but also contributes to innovation and higher productivity and profitability.


Yet, there is a troubling disconnect. 


Many employees feel their mental wellbeing is not adequately nurtured despite employers' claims of prioritising it. This discrepancy, unfortunately, breeds a culture of 'wellbeing washing,' where wellbeing programmes are more of a checkbox rather than an authentic effort. 


The outcome? 


High turnover rates, lost workdays, and substantial costs.


While most organisations offer Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs), their one-size-fits-all approach often falls short. We are all unique, with different needs and aspirations, and a blanket-policy EAP, while well-intentioned, may not cater to the individual requirements of all employees.


Personalisation is the future. 


In today's world, technology holds the key to offer both scalable, yet personalised products and services. Innovative tech platforms are emerging that provide 24-hour digital support, with proactive and personalised wellbeing strategies.


Organisations that prioritise workforce wellbeing and are embracing digital advancement, stand to gain immensely. The benefits are manifold - improved productivity and innovation, reduced absenteeism, better staff retention, and ultimately, a happier and healthier workplace.


In closing, an organisation's greatest strength lies in its employees. Let's ensure they are not just physically fit, but mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Together, we can create a thriving work environment that truly promotes and values the wellbeing of its people.


We're one insight away...


❤️ Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor

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