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How To Navigate The Healthcare System As Entrepreneurs & Startups

My guest today is Eugene Borukhovich, serial intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, speaker & board advisor with a focus in digital health. Eugene is a Chairman and Founding Board Member at YourCoach Health and founder of Initium Impact Ventures. Prior to YourCoach, Eugene served as a Global Head of Digital Health at Bayer. He has also co-founded and sold a doctor rating startup and a consulting company. Eugene enjoys running, writing, traveling and spending time with his family. 

In this episode, Eugene teaches:

  • How to enter & navigate the health & healthcare sector as an Entrepreneur from a non-medical background
  • How to identify unmet needs
  • How to create startups that address unmet needs
  • How digital health startups can work with pharma
  • How to create new value chains
  • The story behind Eugene and his startup, YourCoach.Health
  • Whether your wife or husband makes a good co-founder

This week’s news comes from the 2021 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Global Conference in Las Vegas, where the former Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services CTO describes the main drivers of health innovation’s bright future.

Watch the full episode here.

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Sadly, most health startups & businesses fail, yet the problems we face need Entrepreneurs with solutions, now more than ever. That’s why I’m running a live & interactive online workshop, where you’ll learn: 

  • The tools & strategies to ensure product-market fit;
  • How & who to approach in the health sector;
  • What questions to ask;
  • How to apply these principles directly to your venture.

Learn more about the 1Reason workshop here: https://www.entrepreneurs.doctor/1reason

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