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Empower Your Health Startup With The Entrepreneur's Doctor As Your Strategic CMO

The Strategic Chief Medical Officer (CMO) service is designed specifically for bootstrapped pre-seed health startups looking to streamline their route to product-market fit & business growth. A higher-level CMO service is also available for scaleups.


So you have a business or startup idea to improve healthcare or the wider health & wellness sector, whether through digital health, healthtech, ecommerce, education, coaching, consulting, or traditional pharmaceutical & medical device solutions. You may have been inspired by your personal health journey, or after seeing a problem when caring for your loved one.

As an Entrepreneur without health or medical expertise, you're looking for the strategic insights, expertise, and professional network that an experienced global expert can offer. You know that without it, your startup will have a tough time securing funding or gaining traction in the global health sector that demands trust, experience, and credibility. As an early-stage founder, you're bootstrapping and don't have the budget to recruit a high calibre Chief Medical Officer full-time. You could bring on a medical co-founder, but not all health professionals have the time or desire to leave clinical practice and join a startup. You could also bring on board advisors, but are they deeply engaged with you and your business on a regular one-to-one basis? Are they empowering you with the knowledge, skills and network you need?



Dr Behrooz Behbod, aka The Entrepreneur's Doctor, is on a mission to help you, the Entrepreneur, to create a healthier, happier world through your ventures. Appreciating the needs of early-stage health startups working their way to seed and series funding, built on his 20+ years of international experience across health and business, Dr Behbod prescribes a course of Startup Therapy to help launch your business on the optimal growth trajectory. 

Also known as a part-time or fractional CMO, Dr Behbod can serve as your startup's Chief Medical Officer at a surprisingly affordable rate (no equity required). He does this through his own innovative and scalable business model to be able to serve a highly select number of mission-driven Founders.



* Create a value proposition that streamlines your route to product-market fit, built on a scalable business model.

 * Design effective research to demonstrate the value, quality, and safety of your solution.

* Grow your business through Dr Behbod's unique blue ocean approach to health & wellbeing.

* Ideate, innovate, and problem-solve with strategic health & business insights from a Harvard, Oxford, UK NHS & US CDC trained public health / preventive medicine physician with 20+ years of global experience.

* Improve your chance to secure funding, partner with clinical and academic organisations, and access to early adopters, through a pitch deck that includes your new CMO, Dr Behrooz Behbod.



Strategic Consulting: Fortnightly 1:1 calls with The Entrepreneur's Doctor

Startup Therapy: Health Sector Mastery for Entrepreneurs

Intelligence Incubator: Monthly group calls with your independent advisory board



Showcase: Attract Investors, Partners, Clients, & Talent 



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