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Let's Solve for FreedomTM


This is especially for you if you’re a health coach, consultant, or entrepreneur with a business that hasn't given you the freedom and success you were looking for.

You're looking to grow your business or practice, either by serving your clients at a higher level, or by working with more clients at scale.

You also want to feel more fulfilled, with the flexibility to spend more time doing what you love.

Hi, it’s Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor, a Harvard & Oxford trained physician, with 25+ years of international experience across health, business, and education. My mission is to support health entrepreneurs like you as you improve the lives of others. My vision is to see a world where every individual has access to better health and wellbeing. This includes high quality preventive, wellness, healthcare, and public health services. It also includes products and services that address the wider determinants of health, across all sectors.

I invite you to join my one-on-one business programme, which I like to call SOLVE FOR FREEDOMTM

This personalised one-on-one blend of training, consulting, and coaching is tailor-fit to you and your business. We will cover a 360 degree view of your business. This includes the interplay between your business and all aspects of your life. 

You will begin with an intensive two-day deep-dive workshop, so you gain momentum. For the remainder of our time together, you will have access to me for ongoing support and guidance.

Together, we will review your existing business and help you solve for freedom. This is key: when you have freedom, creative solutions, fulfilment, and the lifestyle you desire will flow. You will do more of the work you love, and enjoy more time for you and your family.

We will design and optimise your signature offer together. You will have a signature offer that gives you the capacity to serve clients more deeply, and at scale if you wish.

We will focus on marketing, sales and growth strategies tailored to your business so it can really take off. You’ll stop wasting time on strategies that don't work. Instead, you’ll focus on what's important for your business. 

My goal will be to give you the confidence and clarity you need to succeed, while also sharing insights to help you see what you may be missing. My vision for you is a business that is an expression of your true desire to serve at scale, but also a business that treats you well too.

To get started, please complete the application form below. No payment is required at this stage, and you will not be committing to anything. After reviewing your application, if I feel the programme is a good fit for you, I will reach out so we can have a complimentary introductory chat. That way, you can ask me any questions you may have, and we will get a better feel for how we will work together.

Let's take the leap and solve for freedom, together! Let's scale your business to make an impact.



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