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Georgina (Acworth) Kyriakoudes

CEO at Dcentric.Health and Co-Creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App

"It is not often that you meet someone in the medical field who has such an impressive medical and professional background as Behrooz, and is also so innovative and open-minded. He is always a pleasure to work with providing exceptional advice in a kind and clear manner. A truly genuine character who always goes above and beyond and never stops giving value."

Daragh Donohoe

Co-founder at SPRYT

"Behrooz has been instrumental in helping us shape our product, from original concept to an intelligent scheduling assistant focused on healthcare. His insight has directly led to our focus on solving the costly DNA (Does Not Attend) problem that afflicts medical systems and businesses. Entrepreneurs with ambitious plans should connect with Behrooz to guide them on their startup journey."

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