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As an Entrepreneur, you are creative and resourceful, and often feel you can do everything alone. You probably can, but at what cost?

You've found a problem, you've done your market research, hopefully spoken to a few experts, and you think you have a value proposition that will be the next unicorn. You attend traditional accelerators, bootstrapping your way to pre-seed & seed funding. You may even try the lean startup approach, creating an MVP, and perhaps even testing the market by pre-selling your solution.

A few may buy…

You then spend thousands on full stack developers, legal, regulatory, and marketing, only to hit a brick wall. 

Were your early buyers representative of the wider market? Did you pre-sell to the right customer(s)?

Alternatively, you may be looking to create a business as a solopreneur, offering products and services such as through coaching, consulting, e-commerce, or online education.

Whether launching a startup or business, everyone struggles.

When you're new to the health sector, you may feel intimidated without professional qualifications or fancy job titles. The complex health and care system can be a minefield to navigate and tough to influence. 

If you're a health professional, are you sure you've got it all covered? Not every idea is a viable business opportunity. Are you assessing the full picture?

Most ventures struggle to reach product-market fit, gain adoption and secure scalable traction, before their funding runs out. The problem and solution is often further upstream.

Your venture deserves not only a perspective shift, but the strategies, tools, and systems to bring it to life.


 Ready to stop guessing your next steps?


What if you knew how to streamline your route to problem-solution & product-market fit?

Could that help you to secure funding, find partners & gain traction?

What if you had the knowledge, tools, strategies, mentorship, and a peer network to build & grow your business?

Just like a professional sports team, you need: 

A Playbook

that works

A Coach

with experience

A Team

of champions

Your Playbook

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Health Sector Mastery for Entrepreneurs

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Georgina (Acworth) Kyriakoudes

CEO at Dcentric.Health and Co-Creator of the Aria Blockchain Medical Records App

"It is not often that you meet someone in the medical field who has such an impressive medical and professional background as Behrooz, and is also so innovative and open-minded. He is always a pleasure to work with providing exceptional advice in a kind and clear manner. A truly genuine character who always goes above and beyond and never stops giving value."

Daragh Donohoe

Co-founder at SPRYT

"Behrooz has been instrumental in helping us shape our product, from original concept to an intelligent scheduling assistant focused on healthcare. His insight has directly led to our focus on solving the costly DNA (Does Not Attend) problem that afflicts medical systems and businesses. Entrepreneurs with ambitious plans should connect with Behrooz to guide them on their startup journey."

Alexander Bridgen

Associate at Fountech Ventures & Co-founder at

"It cannot be overstated how essential working with Behrooz has been in bridging the gap between the first seed of an idea and the viable health/edtech proposition Chironics is shaping into. He provides invaluable insights and guidance, breaking complex challenges down into actionable, bitesize pieces that can be made sense of, even without a healthcare background of any sort. Not only that, but he is genuinely a fantastic person to work with, and I am extremely grateful to have him on the team at Chironics."

Michael Anyfantakis

Pet Loss Advisor at The Pet Bereavement Vet 

"Behrooz's guidance has been invaluable since the early days of my journey. He taught me how to ask the right questions whilst providing me with the right resources to answer them. He encouraged me to think outside the box, and to embrace my creativity in order to achieve my goals and remain focused on my vision. Kind, supportive, resourceful; a true professional with an impressive background and education. His services are highly recommended to all entrepreneurs involved in healthcare."


Heath Stone

Former Police Officer, Serial Entrepreneur, & Founder at Uncommon Diabetic Solutions


 "Plan for what is difficult while it is easy; do what is great while it is small."

- Sun Tzu

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