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Who this is for:


Anyone that wants to learn about business & health entrepreneurship


Health & Care Professionals looking for innovative solutions


Patients & Caregivers wanting to share their needs


Health Entrepreneurs looking for new ideas & partners


Startups that want to pitch to a global audience


Investors looking for opportunities


Experts wanting to teach (marketing, finance, law, tech, etc...)



In the very first live call of the Tribe (Jan 10, 2022), members unanimously decided to record calls and publish them as episodes of The Entrepreneur's Doctor podcast. Specifically, there was a request to start with a 20-25 min format, where the first 10-mins involves a mini-masterclass or startup pitch, followed by 10-15 mins Q&A. 



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Topics may include anything of value to Health Entrepreneurs, including:

Health sector needs

Analysis of startup ideas from the latest research & innovation

Business 101 for new founders and business owners

Tips for better Entrepreneur success in life, health, and work

Startup pitches*

* note: 10-min pitches are different from the Showcase service.


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