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Do you want to create something special to make an impact and improve health, happiness, and wellbeing? As a Harvard & Oxford trained public health physician, I will apply my 25+ years of experience across health, business, and education to help you unlock your potential and create powerful change. Our one-on-one Insight Workshop provides you with the expert support you need to achieve your goals.


Overcome Any Obstacle

No matter what obstacle stands in your way, our Insight Workshop is designed to help you overcome it. I understand that creating powerful change isn't always easy. That's why I am here to help and provide you with the guidance, support, and tools you need to succeed. From a lack of knowledge or skills to a lack of motivation, energy, or money, our Insight Workshop is your key to unlocking growth and success. 


Insight Workshop

Our 2-hour one-on-one Insight Workshop is your step towards creating powerful change. You will gain perspective, understanding, and clarity on the issue that is blocking you. The workshop is designed to help you gain the insight you need to overcome any obstacle and help you move forward to create an impact and improve health, happiness, and wellbeing.


One Insight Away?

To apply for your Insight Workshop with me, please complete the short form below. If this is a good fit for you, I will send you an email with a link to book your call. However, if you may need something else, I will signpost you to useful resources.


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Behrooz, The Entrepreneur's Doctor



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Client Reviews




"I got in touch with Behrooz after connecting with him on LinkedIn. My business partner and I had been looking into coaching/mentorship as we both had limited knowledge of business and the entrepreneurial journey, so it was serendipitous when Behrooz invited me for a 2-hour session.

I was really pleasantly surprised when we blasted through pretty much all of the issues that I was confused about in business, covering more than I thought possible in 2 hours.

Behrooz was great at listening and picking up on the key ideas that I was struggling with. He interviewed me to get more background and really understood what I wanted out of my business and personal life. 

The main thing I got from the session, which was exactly what I wanted (and more importantly, needed), was insight into the big picture stuff that I had been struggling with:

- How to think about and use a big idea as a purpose to drive user engagement and keep me focused on a vision within my business.

- How to be sure that I’m actually solving a problem with my business, and how to find which KPIs relate to this.

- Frameworks to use to track KPIs and performance, to know that I’m doing what I set out to do.

Since the 2-hour session, I have done 5x that amount of thinking and writing to crystalise my business's mission, vision for the future, and pathway to success. Behrooz helped me point my arrow in the right direction and showed me how to keep it there.

I would recommend Behrooz Behbod - The Entrepreneur's Doctor to anyone working on a healthcare business, trying to get a handle on how to move towards success in the long term."


Dr James Davidson, MedEd Entrepreneur

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