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Dear Conscious Leader,


Are you striving to make a positive impact in the world, but feeling stuck somewhere along your journey? Do you find yourself juggling between creating prosperity and maintaining your inner peace? I understand your struggle and want you to know that you're not alone.


You might be just getting started or maybe you've been successful for a while, yet there's a nagging feeling of being stuck. You yearn for more - more impact, more growth, more prosperity - but without the pressure. You crave for a way to create exponential impact with ease and enjoyment.


I believe that your passion for creating a positive change in the world should not come at the cost of your personal peace and prosperity. That's why I'm inviting you to One Insight Away complimentary coaching.


My name is Behrooz Behbod, also known as The Entrepreneur’s Doctor. Trained at Harvard and Oxford, I bring my expertise in population health and wellbeing to the table. As a transformative coach specialising in serving fellow conscious entrepreneurial leaders (e.g., coaches, consultants, and CEOs), I am committed to guiding you towards extraordinary results – not just in your business, but in your personal life as well.


I believe in empowering leaders, not in spoon-feeding.


I believe in igniting self-discovery, not in dictating paths.


I believe that by helping spark aliveness in all sectors, one leader at a time, we will create a healthier, happier, prosperous world.


I'm here to help you navigate this journey. To guide you in unleashing your true potential, to stand by you as you break through barriers, and to celebrate with you as you thrive and prosper. All this without sacrificing your peace and tranquility.


I invite you to submit your question. Choose from the options below:


  1. Submit your question for a direct response from me. I may also create an audio or video response and include it in an upcoming podcast episode. Your privacy is my priority. I won't mention your name.

  2. Or, let's jump on a recorded video call for a complimentary coaching session. This personalised interaction will provide you with more tailored insights and support. Plus, our conversation may potentially be included in an upcoming podcast so others may find it helpful too.


Remember, you’re a leader with the power to create a positive ripple in the world. So let's get you unstuck and help you thrive in your journey of creating an extraordinary impact.


We're one insight away,



P.S. This is more than just about you. It's about the positive change that you're destined to bring into the world. Let's make it happen together! 


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